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Fixed price listing is for one genuine LAINOX combi oven door handle spigot fitted to various models

part number R69010260

Part info

type spigot

version 1-stage

length 26mm

total length 51mm

thread M8 

Linked models

LAINOX Convection oven
CVE051S, SCE051M, SME101S
LAINOX Convection oven electric
ABE044M, ABE044S, ABE044X, ABE054M, ABE054S, ABE054X, ABE064M, ABE064S, ABE064X, ABE074M, ABE074S, ABE074X, ABE084M, ABE084S, ABE084X, ABE104M, ABE104S, ABE104X, CKEP06, CKES07, CVE051X, EMT06D, EMT06P, EMT10D, EMT10P, EMT20D, EMT20P, EPE056T, EPE086T, EPEV05T, EPEV08T, EVT06D, EVT06P, EVT10D, EVT10P, EVT20D, EVT20P, GEMT06P, GEMT06S, GEMT06T, GEMT06X, GEMT10P, GEMT10S, GEMT10T, GEMT10X, GEMT20P, GEMT20S, GEMT20T, GEMT20X, GEVT06P, GEVT06S, GEVT06T, GEVT06X, GEVT07S, GEVT07X, GEVT10P, GEVT10S, GEVT10T, GEVT10X, GEVT20P, GEVT20S, GEVT20T, GEVT20X, HME061P, HME061S, HME061T, HME061X, HME101P, HME101S, HME101T, HME101X, HME102P, HME102S, HME102T, HME102X, HVE061P, HVE061S, HVE061T, HVE061X, HVE101P, HVE101S, HVE101T, HVE101X, HVE102P, HVE102S, HVE102T, HVE102X, KME061S, KME061X, KME072S, KME072X, KME081S, KME081X, KME101S, KME101X, KME102S, KME102X, KMEA20S, KMEA20X, KVE061S, KVE061X, KVE072S, KVE072X, KVE081S, KVE081X, KVE101S, KVE101X, KVE102S, KVE102X, KVEA20S, KVEA20X, ME061D, ME061H, ME061M, ME061P, ME061T, ME101D, ME101H, ME101M, ME101P, ME101T, ME102D, ME102H, ME102M, ME102P, ME102T, PE056T, PE086T, PEV05T, PEV08T, REC101M, REP044M, REP054M, REP064M, REP074M, REV051M, REV051S, REV101M, SCE042M, SCE071M, SCE101M, SCEA20M, SME071P, SME071S, SME101P, SMEA20P, SMEA20S, SVE042P, SVE042S, SVE051P, SVE051S, SVE071P, SVE071S, SVE101P, SVE101S, SVEA20P, SVEA20S, VE061D, VE061M, VE061P, VE101D, VE101M, VE101P, VE102D, VE102M, VE102P
LAINOX Convection oven gas
ABG044M, ABG044S, ABG044X, ABG054M, ABG054S, ABG054X, ABG064M, ABG064S, ABG064X, ABG074M, ABG074S, ABG074X, ABG084M, ABG084S, ABG084X, ABG104M, ABG104S, ABG104X, CKGP06, CKGP10, CKGT10, CVG051S, CVG051X, EBG044M, EBG054M, EPG056T, EPG086T, EPGV05T, EPGV08T, GGMT06P, GGMT06S, GGMT06T, GGMT06X, GGMT07S, GGMT07X, GGMT10P, GGMT10S, GGMT10T, GGMT10X, GGMT20P, GGMT20S, GGMT20T, GGMT20X, GGVT06P, GGVT06S, GGVT06T, GGVT06X, GGVT07S, GGVT07X, GGVT10P, GGVT10S, GGVT10T, GGVT10X, GGVT20P, GGVT20S, GGVT20T, GGVT20X, GMT06D, GMT06P, GMT10D, GMT10P, GMT20D, GMT20P, GVT06D, GVT06P, GVT10D, GVT10P, GVT20D, GVT20P, HMG061P, HMG061S, HMG061T, HMG061X, HMG101P, HMG101S, HMG101T, HMG101X, HMG102P, HMG102S, HMG102T, HMG102X, HVG061P, HVG061S, HVG061T, HVG061X, HVG101P, HVG101S, HVG101T, HVG101X, HVG102P, HVG102S, HVG102T, HVG102X, KMG072S, KMG072X, KMG081S, KMG081X, KMG101S, KMG101X, KMG102S, KMG102X, KMGA20S, KMGA20X, KVG061S, KVG061X, KVG072S, KVG072X, KVG081S, KVG081X, KVG101S, KVG101X, KVG102S, KVG102X, KVGA20S, KVGA20X, LBGT102, MG061D, MG061H, MG061M, MG061P, MG061T, MG101D, MG101H, MG101M, MG101P, MG101T, MG102D, MG102H, MG102M, MG102P, MG102T, PG056T, PG086T, PGV05T, PGV08T, RGC071M, RGV051M, RGV101M, RGV101S, SCG051M, SCG071M, SCG101M, SCGA20M, SMG071P, SMG071S, SMG101P, SMG101S, SMGA20P, SMGA20S, SVG051P, SVG051S, SVG071P, SVG071S, SVG101P, SVG101S, SVGA20P, SVGA20S, VG061D, VG061M, VG061P, VG101D, VG101M, VG101P, VG102D, VG102M, VG102P


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